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What Makes a Natural Looking Facelift Result?

What Makes a Natural Looking Facelift Result?

Practically everybody has seen or knows somebody who has had a "bad" facelift, as they see it. More particularly, that somebody seems to look different or odd to them after the surgery. Most of all, it appears obvious that they have had undergone something. Examine the knowledge that we shared about plastic surgery baltimore.


The reason behind that "operated" look is almost the same among many patients. The face looks very rigid, pulled back, and not normal. Worst, if a tangible line that runs from the corner of the mouth towards the ear, otherwise called the Joker Line, is visible. This is obviously what most patients are afraid of from among the obvious signs of having gone through the procedure.  But, it is something that cosmetic surgeons can keep under control. It happens when too much skin is pulled back and every imperfection is being worked out. One way to get around this drawback is by managing the expectations of patients from the start. Facelifts are not going to do anything for the section around the mouth; for instance picking up the corners or rolling out the nasolabial fold, which is the fold in the middle of the cheek and the lip. Pushing the face to work out this section removes too much skin as the pull is so harsh. Other facelift procedure that directly deals with problems around this area has to be performed, if the patient wants it included.  Many patients believe that a facelift will greatly influence the mouth area, which is why they want it. On the other hand, this actually is a misconception as well as a pitfall for displeasure. Get more information about plastic surgeon baltimore.


If you really think about it, it is a lot better to go for a facelift that produces a natural result by leaving a few lines and wrinkles than having flawless, but unnaturally, smooth skin. Obviously, not one plastic surgeon would want any of their patients to be dissatisfied, although there are still those who complain about this or that afterwards.  So it is important for the patient has to make a choice prior to the operation. Would they want a something that produces the smoothest outcome but may look strange, or a facelift with natural results which keeps some wrinkles and loose skin on? By consciously making a choice, patients are being well-informed and their expectations regarding the outcome are properly addressed.


Other evidences  which are less obvious, include a bad scar placement about the ears as well as a modified temporal hairline that is pulled up far above. Correct incision placement should be a very important technical feature. Concealing scars around the hairline and the ears properly with just enough,  not excessive skin tightening, are the ingredients of a very natural and great looking facelift end results.